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To manage your databases or create a new one, click on "MySQL » Databases" in the sidebar and your databases will be shown.

1. Create a new database

At the top right of your databases overview there is a button "Create database" which opens the from to create a new database.

Database overview

Simply specify a database-description and a strong password. The database-name and -username will be autogenerated.

Additionally, you can specify whether the database information and credentials will be sent to you via email.

Create new database

2. Access a existing database

Databases can usually be managed with phpMyAdmin, your reseller or admin might provide a web interface, if so it appears in the sidebar under "MySQL > phpMyAdmin".

To connect your software, e.g. a forum or CMS like wordpress, to it you have to specify the following for the database connection:

  • Port: 3306
  • Hostname: (or localhost)
  • Database: the selected database name in our example web1sql1
  • Username: the selected database name in our example web1sql1
  • Password: the selected database password

3. Update an existing database

To update the database password or description, you have to choose your database in your overview list.

Database overview

Click on the icon to edit the database.

Edit existing database

4. Delete existing database

If you want to delete your database, you have to click on the red icon.

Database overview

You will now be asked if you want to delete the database, you must confirm this with "Yes".


All data from this database will be lost, this action cannot be undone.

Security question