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1. Database validation

To ensure the integrity of the database and the stored data, froxlor includes this small database-validation page that let's you quickly check if anything is out of order and run the corresponding fixes for you.

Validate integrity of database

2. Email & file templates

You can customize the email templates sent to customers for various actions (like adding a new customer, new database, webspace/traffic notifications, etc.). For the email-templates you can even do that on a per-language level.

Additionally, there are a few replacer-variables available, depending on the chosen template that will be replaced accordingly in the final email/file.

Create and manage email and file templates

3. Write a message

With this simple tool, you can easily send emails to either all your customers or all your admins/reseller. It will be using the SMTP credentials from the settings.

Simple messaging tool

4. SMTP test

A helper-tool to test your SMTP credentials and specifications from the settings by sending an e-mail to a given email-address with the shown SMTP-settings.

Test your SMTP settings