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Migration Guide

Version 2.0 to 2.1

1. Requirements

  • froxlor 2.0+
    • updates from 0.10 are supported, for important changes see to 2.0 guide
  • PHP 7.4+
  • Required PHP extensions:
    • session, ctype, xml, filter, posix, mbstring, curl, gd, gmp, json
  • Suggested PHP extensions:
    • bcmath, gnupg, zip

2. New features

  • API Call: Domains.duplicate() added
  • API Call: Domains.add()/update() -> added parameter deactivated
  • API Call: Froxlor.generateLoginLink(); One-Click One-Time-Login-Link (remote-login)
  • email is being sent to the admin if Let's Encrypt failed and gets disabled automatically to not run into rate-limits

3. Important changes

  • OTP requirement for specific/system-relevant settings
  • API Call: CustomerBackups renamed to DataDump
  • API Call: Domains.add()/update() -> removed parameter issubof
  • On update: all customer-export (former backup) jobs are being cancelled due to the changes
  • change password/theme/language now combined in profile
  • support for lighttpd webserver has been deprecated

Supported OS

As of version 2.1, froxlor removed the configuration templates for Debian 10 (Buster) and Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic). The Gentoo distribution has been marked deprecated due to no active maintainer.