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Before you start working on a PR, contact us via Discord or the forum at to get a clue whether someone else isn't already working on it or if we don not want/need this certain change. Of course, bugfixes are always welcome.

Please always focus on the main branch of our GitHub repository.


General rules for PRs are:

  • Please save us all some trouble and unnecessary round-trips by testing your changes.
  • Re-write your commit history to provide a CLEAN history!
    • i.e. do not provide PRs which contain a commit that changes something, the next changes it back, a third one changes it again, only a little differently...


Service changes

If you make changes to the functionality of service configurations, please make sure your implementation covers all supported services and distributions.


If you add new language strings, please make sure you add the english fallback strings in lng/en.php.

New settings and database-layout changes

If you add new settings or implement database-changes, please make sure you add these to