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Admins / Resellers

1. General

Admin and reseller accounts in froxlor are administrative users. This means they can not have a website, email-accounts or similar for themselves. Both of the administrative users are only separated by permissions given from the parent administrative user. So an admin with fewer permissions might be considered a reseller. More information about the different permissions can be found below in section 2.3 Service Data.

For the simplicity and readability of the documentation, we will refer to admins and resellers as admins.

2. Properties of Admins

2.1 Account Data

Chose a username and a password for the new admin. Select the preferred language and (if enabled) allow/disallow API access. These credentials are the users login-credentials to froxlor.

2.2 Contact Data

Specify the admins name and e-mail address. Optionally you can add an internal note or make it available for the new admin by checking the box to display the note on the users dashboard.

2.3 Service Data

The service data regulates the permissions and available resources for the new admin.

IP-addressWhether the admin can use all ip addresses managed by froxlor or just a single one
Can change server settingsThis flag is the most important when adding admins. It will enable almost all system and resource related actions to be performed (WebUI and API); kind of a superadmin-permission.

Permissions include:
  • managing admins
  • update cronjob settings
  • move customers between admins
  • manage php-versions/php-configurations
  • access/manage system settings
  • overwrite ssl_protocols and ssl_cipher_list for domains
  • set an absolute path as documentroot for domains instead of relative to the customers homedir
  • adding/editing MySQL-servers
CustomersNumber of customer the admin is allowed to use
Can access other admins/resellers resources?If enabled, this admin can also see and manage any other resource managed by other admins, the resource-restrictions (see field above) still apply
DomainsNumber of domains the admin is allowed to use
Can change php-related domain settingsThis controls whether the admin can set/edit php-related settings for domains like php enabled, open_basedir, php configuration, etc. If disabled, the system defaults are being used
Any other fieldSimply the amount of the resource the admin is allowed to use