Install froxlor from git source

1. Download/install git

In order to use git you have to install git on your target-system. See the official git-scm page for more: in new window

2. Get the files

Connect to a shell on your server and change the directory to /var/www/.

cd /var/www/

Now you can 'clone' the froxlor repository using the following command. It will store the files into the given target-directory froxlor (/var/www/froxlor/).

git clone froxlor

3. Download dependencies

Froxlor 0.10.x is composer based. In order to use the development version you need to install composeropen in new window.

cd /var/www/froxlor
composer install --no-dev

4. Proceed with installation and configuration

Now follow the general installation documentation starting with step 2: Install froxlor from tarball