Install froxlor on Gentoo

1. Local portage overlay

1.1 Using layman >= 1.3.0

In order to install froxlor on Gentoo we need to add the layman repositories first. Assuming you have layman installed already, edit /etc/layman/layman.cfg and add the following line to the overlays section:

Then, let layman fetch (-f) our repository and add (-a) it to your local overlay:

layman -f && layman -a froxlor

1.2 Custom local overlay (no layman)

Create directory for your overlay:

mkdir -p /usr/local/overlays

Now clone our gentoo-ebuild overlay with GIT:

git clone /usr/local/overlays/froxlor

And finally, let your system know about your local overlay by adding the following line to your /etc/portage/make.conf


2. USE-flags for froxlor-ebuild

The ebuild for froxlor introduces some USE-flags to customize your froxlor-installation:

USE-flagDefault valueDescription
awstatsOffUse awstats for traffic-statistics instead of webalizer
bindOffEnables support for bind9 nameserver
dovecotOnEnables usage of dovecot mailserver instead of courier
fcgidOffEnables FCGID usage for apache2
ftpquotaOffEnables +softquota for proftpd and patches config
fpmOffEnables PHP-FPM usage for webservers
lighttpdOffUse lighttpd-webserver instead of apache2 (USE-flag 'fcgid' will be ignored)
logOnEnables the froxlor logging feature (syslog, mysql, file)
mailquotaOffEnables usage of mailquota
nginxOffUse nginx-webserver instead of apache2 (USE-flag 'fcgid' will be ignored)
pdnsOffEnables powerdns instead of bind as nameserver
pureftpdOffUse pureftpd instead of proftpd as ftp-server
quotaOffInstall quotatool if you intend to use quota
sslOffEnables ssl for the froxlor-vhost and customers

If you want to use nginx and ssl for example, add the following line to your /etc/portage/packages.use:

www-apps/froxlor nginx ssl

3. Emerge froxlor

To install froxlor via emerge, just run the following command as root. Emerge will install all the dependencies for you.

emerge froxlor

4. Configure services

PLEASE NOTE You have to configure mysql if you haven't done that yet before configuring froxlor

To do so, just run:

emerge --config dev-db/mariadb

5. Proceed with installation and configuration

Now follow the general installation documentation starting with step 3: Install froxlor from tarball