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Domain import


Versions: 0.9.x The file structure/layout is strongly based on the structure of the table panel_domains. We decided to keep the import very basic, so not every option and possiblity you see in the interface for adding domains is available here.

Since: 0.10.0 The file structure/layout is based on the API parameters for Domains.add.

Procedure/UI explanation

[0.9.x only] First, choose the customer that will get the imported domains assigned. It is not possible to assign domains to different customers at once. [in 0.10.x you simply specify the customerid/loginname parameter in the import file]

The separator field specifies the character which is used in the CSV-file to split the fields, usually this is a semicolon or a comma.

If you have headlines (besides the required first one) in your CSV file or want to specify at what position the import should start, you can use the offset field to tell froxlor to start reading the domains at the given position, e.g. set offset to 2 if your second row is not a domain entry but another headline.

The last part is a simple file-select-dialog. Please chose the desired CSV-file here and press “Save”

File structure since 0.10.0

  • Note: The string-fields must not be enclosed in quotes!
  • Note: For boolean values, you should use 0 for false and 1 for true

There is no given order for the fields in the file. The first line of the file must be the required parameters names from Domains.add and of course any optional parameter you need.

File structure version 0.9.x

  • Note: The string-fields must not be enclosed in quotes!
  • Note: For boolean values, you should use 0 for false and 1 for true
field# name type description avail. in version
1 domain string the domain to add, e.g. 0.9.33
2 documentroot string path relative to the customer-documentroot, e.g. /subdir/ If you specify a URL here (starting with http:// or https://) froxlor will generate a redirect to that URL. Leave empty to use the customer-documentroot 0.9.33
3 aliasdomain string optionally specify a domain here which this domain will be an alias of. The given domain must exist or - if also in the import file - must be above this domain 0.9.34
4 isbinddomain boolean generate a bind-zonefile for the domain or not, default depends on whether you have dns/bind enabled 0.9.33
5 isemaildomain boolean whether or not the customer is allowed to use this domain for e-mail 0.9.33
6 email_only boolean whether or not the customer is allowed to use this domain only for e-mail 0.9.33
7 iswildcarddomain boolean whether to generate a wildcard (*) entry for this domain 0.9.33
8 subcanemaildomain boolean whether subdomains of this domain can be used for e-mail 0.9.33
9 caneditdomain boolean set this to 1 (true) if the customer should be able to edit this domain 0.9.33
10 zonefile string optionally specify a zonefile for this domain - the froxlor-cronjob does not create a domain-zonefile if this is set. 0.9.34
11 wwwserveralias boolean in case iswildcarddomain is set to 0 (false), set this to 1 (true) to generate an www-alias for your domain, e.g. www.yourdomain.tld 0.9.33
12 openbasedir boolean whether to use openbasedir for this domain or not, default is 1 (true) 0.9.34
13 speciallogfile boolean set this to 1 (true) if you want a separate webserver-acces/error log for this domain 0.9.34
14 specialsettings string optional content that is being added to the domains virtual-host directive 0.9.33
15 ssl_redirect boolean set this to 1 (true) if you want a http to https redirect for this domain (if ip/port for ssl exists and assigned to this domain), beware that you need to manually check this! 0.9.33
16 use_ssl boolean whether SSL IP/ports are assigned to this domain or not (if enabled at all). If this is set to 0 (false) and ssl_redirect is set to 1 it will automatically be deactivated. 0.9.34
17 registration_date string optional date of registration, format: yyyy-mm-dd 0.9.33
18 ips string comma-separated list of ip-addresses (without :port) this domain is for. If there are two or more entries in panel_ipsandports for this IP (different ports), we will assign all of them. If you don’t want SSL IP/ports to be assigned to the domain, use the use_ssl switch (field no. 16). IPv6 addresses can be used too and without the need to specify brackets ([ and ]). IP’s that are not set up in froxlor (IP/Port settings) are ignored for the domain. If the field is left empty, the system-default IP is being used 0.9.33
19 letsencrypt boolean whether to enable Let’s Encrypt. Note this only works with enabled SSL and iswildcarddomain = false 0.9.39
20 hsts number HSTS max-age value, 0 removes the header 0.9.39
21 hsts_sub boolean Include HSTS for any subdomain, default false 0.9.39
22 hsts_preload boolean Include domain in HSTS preload list, default false 0.9.39
23 ocsp_stapling boolean Whether to enable OSCP-stapling for this domain, requires SSL 0.9.39
24 phpenabled boolean Whether PHP is enabled on this domain or not 0.9.39
25 http2 boolean Whether to enable http2 for this domain, requires SSL 0.9.39

Validation and counters

Non-fatal errors / skip of domains

The following problems will only ignore the current domain without displaying an error.

  • not a valid domain (/^http:\/\/(a-z0-9?.)+[a-z0-9-]{2,63}$/i)
  • the domain is equal to the system-hostname
  • the domain already exists in the froxlor database
  • If you do not have unlimited domain contingent, the import will stop at the maximum allowed number of domains and skip the rest
  • specified aliasdomain is invalid (see first -> valid domain)
  • specified aliasdomain does not exist (be sure to specify a domain that should be used as alias before the domain which wants to set the alias!)

Exceptions / abort of import

The following problems will abort the entire import:

  • seperator is empty or more than one character long
  • given offset is < 0 or not numeric
  • specified customer-id is <= 0
  • no file to import given
  • file could not be found (very unlikeley due to upload)
  • unable to open/read file (also very unlikeley)
  • no domains were read from the file


Date Developer Description
31.01.2015 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) Initial version of this document for 0.9.33
06.03.2015 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) added fields for version 0.9.34, beware, order of fields has changed!
18.04.2017 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) added fields for upcoming version 0.9.39
24.08.2017 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) added http2 field for upcoming version 0.9.39
03.12.2018 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) updated documentation for 0.10.0 API version
14.10.2020 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) updated documentation to be more understandable
13.01.2022 Michael Kaufmann (d00p) converted/moved to githubpages